Medium: Watercolors, enamels, raw opals, czech glass beads, hints of colored pencils
Size: 16" x 20"
Original: $225 SOLD
: 11" x 14" $30



This piece wasn't the original commission. A friend had paid me for several small sketches, but by the time I had got to them, I had hit burnout mode. So I asked her if she minded me doing a painting instead of lots of little drawings. She agreed... and her favorite animal is a unicorn, and her name is starydance and she loves purple...

The rockhounding shop that I frequent had just happened to get in beautiful raw opals cut from a mine in australia. They have not been polished or cut, but you could see the most incredible fire in them. Some were purple, some blues and greens, some wild oranges and reds. They were incredible. So I got some to add to the painting because the purple sheen was too perfect to miss out on.