A long time ago my dad challenged me to deify the 10 plagues of Egypt. I sort of took the up challenge and did the plague of blood, but never really went back to it. I figured I'd wander back to it now.

The basic idea was that if Christianity was similar to other religions (in having an entire pantheon of gods), what would the gods/immortal creatures be that would bring about the plagues.

The 9th plague was the plague of darkness. One thing I found interesting when researching them, was that each plague was to fight a *specific* god of the egyptians. In this case, the god was Ra, the god of the sun. At first I was going to do a battle between Ra and some dark angelic figure, but I just kind of lost interest in that idea. So I wandered over to read about Egyptian gods of darkness. In my studies I found that the goddess Nephthys was often coupled as a god of the dark, and a precursor to death itself. She was also the nursemaid to the reigning  Pharoh and his protector, which made me think.

What would break a devout father more, than seeing the goddess who protects his son, and who raised him, himself... turn on him. What would be more soul crushing than to watch that familiar face taking the sun itself from him? Couple it with the fact that the 10th plague was the death of all the first born, specifically the Pharoh's son.. who no longer has a protector in his goddess AND she's also the one who they meet the darkness of death with... so his son would not have someone to accompany him to the underworld. It would be devastating. At least I would imagine it would be. (I am playing somewhat fast and lose with the things I've read about Nephthys, specifically off of a saying of "Ascend and descend; descend with Nephthys, sink into darkness with the Night-bark. Ascend and descend; ascend with Isis, rise with the Day-bark." )

If you play with the idea that all religions have real deities who fight for dominance, than having a real goddess lose against a powerful god would be interesting, as well as having a goddess of darkness in the sense of death, take away the sun felt rather symbolic to me.

I added the eye of Ra to her face, as it was written as a fight against Ra himself, but gave her a mixture of the Egyptian depictions of the goddess, and some old school biblical depictions of angels. Lots of wings, funky faces (aka helm thing that covers half her face), and the like. I didn't want her to read as Christian Angel, but I wanted her to share many of their characteristics to show the result of the one side winning over the other. There were several pictures of her with wings, similar to Isis', and so I felt that wasn't too far into the Christian design.


Colored Pencils, Watercolors, Gold leafing


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