I need your help

This is very hard for me to do, especially on the heels of the successful kickstarter. So here it is.

Last week Shawn was diagnosed with late onslaught type 1 diabetes. We handled it well, we thought, and got him his insulin, and changed our diet. Everything was going great. Monday morning he woke up stone blind. It was one of the most terrifying experiences, and I literally did not know what to do. He is a truck driver, so he called out of work and we took him straight to the doctor. After examining him, they said he had a bit of a side effect, and there was swelling behind the eyes that was cutting his vision. Now it comes in and out, but it will be a few more days before it will stablize enough that we can get him glasses. He WILL recover, that's the important news.

The bad news is that this comes in between my being able to help with unexpected finances, and his weekly check has been what we rely on for food and basic expenses between my erratic income. This means next week he will have no paycheck to speak of, and I am not expecting any finances till several weeks after I've finished fullfilling the kickstarter orders.

We need help.

I've called all of our bills and gotten the majority of them put off until the following week, but I cannot put off the need for food, and medications. I need to raise $250 by the 17th in order for us to pull through that week.

I do not like to ask for help, I am very bad at it. If you are local, donations of diabetic and anemic safe food would help (basically our diet is lots of dark green veggies and meats). I am able to do paper prints of a large portion of the paintings in my gallery (there are some sold out pieces, but overall I still have a large variety). They would not be larger than 8 x 10, but they would be $10 plus $6 shipping. I have some originals available, not many but some. If you are interested in any of them let me know. I will even do sketch commissions of mythological creatures (I'm sorry guys, I just can't do the fanart thing, it locks me up and then no one is happy) for $10 plus $6 shipping.

My paypal is vestaka@gmail.com just please talk to me first before sending funds so that I can make sure that you aren't buying a print that's sold out. I'm flinching at asking for donations of just money, I would rather people buy art from me, but if you wish to donate please put that in your notes and I will find some way to repay you.

I'm so sorry to ask for this.

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