I have been one of the most scattered artists. I have literally done everything from sculpting to making boxes to fabric work to.. well anyway, I've run the gamut of mediums and art styles, never quite settling on any one thing.

It's been quite the run, and I've gathered so many fun skills along the way. But I don't know if it's the new medications talking, or just the success of the last few paintings, but I finally feel like I have my drive and love. I have the thing I WANT to do, and that expresses my thoughts best. Perhaps it's just that my latest pieces have been a melding of a half dozen different techniques that I've always used separately and never together, but whatever it is, I feel so driven these days.

So here I am, cleaning my studio space and packing up boxes of crafting supplies that I haven't touched in a year or more, to give to people who will do justice with them. And I feel so.. bright and alive. So excited to step forwards into my new paintings. Ah, it's a wonderful feeling. Like spring cleaning of the artistic soul.

Time to get arting.

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