Jessica Douglas (b. 1977, Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

Visual Arts Institute of Utah, 1983-1993
OCC college, 1995-1998
Mentorship under Arthur Roberg, 2001-2005

Mentorship under Mike Dringenberg, 2008-2014

Selected Exhibitions:

2019 Spellbound, Urban Arts Gallery, Utah
2019 Jessica Douglas, The Underground, Utah
2019 Magic and machine, Springville Museum of fine Art, Utah
2018 Seeing the Sacred, Urban Arts Gallery, Utah
2016 Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah, Springville Museum of Fine Art, Utah
2016 Imaginal Love, Urban Arts Gallery, Utah
2016 Jessica Douglas, Pandemonium Gallery, Utah
2015 Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah, Springville Museum of Fine Art, Utah
2014 Tarot of the Sea, Eight and Sand Gallery, Washington
2012 Mostra Di Illustrazioni Sull'Apocalisse, Libreria Lovat, Italy

Upcoming Publications:
78Tarot unknown, unknown, 78tarot, 2020
Little Comforts Volume 3, Jessica Douglas, 2019
Letters Home, Jessica Douglas and Austin Barkdull, 2019

78Tarot Elemental, The Fool, 78Tarot, 2019
Little Comforts Volume 2, Jessica Douglas, 2018
78Tarot Mythical, Lovers, 78Tarot, 2018
Dr. Fixit's Malicious Machine, Cover art, Jessica Crichton, 2018
The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc, Cover art, Jessica Crichton, 2018
Rise of the Nefarious Numbots, Cover art, Jessica Crichton, 2018
Little Comforts, Jessica Douglas, 2017
Artist Spotlight, ImagineFX Magazine, April 2017
78Tarot Astral, Star Card, 78Tarot, 2017
The Last Unicorn graphic novel reprint, interior art, Conlan Press, 2017? (Printing is delayed)
78Tarot Carnival, Empress Card, 78Tarot, 2016
Generations in Gingerbread, assorted illustrations, Cliche's for a Cause Anthology, 2016
Artist Spotlight, ImagineFX Magazine, 2016
Fantasy Art's Uneven Playing Field p.16-19, ImagineFX Magazine, July 2015
True Confessions of  a Sea Witch, assorted illustrations, Cliche's for a Cause Anthology, 2015
78Tarot NauticalQueen of Pentacles Card, 78Tarot, 2015
78 Tarot First Edition, Four of Pentacles Card, 78Tarot, 2014
Short Space Elvis Stories, assorted illustrations, assorted authors, Darwin's Evolutions, 2011
Tigers, interview, EMG-zine, 2010
Indian Myth, Illustrated guide, EMG-zine, 2009
Hourglass, assorted illustrations, Alma Alexander, Baen's Universe 2008
Muses, cover art, EMG-zine, 2008
Sir Hereward and Mister Fitz Go to War Again, assorted illustrations, Garth Nix, Baen's Universe 2007
The littlest Wyrmmaid, assorted illustrations, Mike Resnick, Baen's Universe 2007
The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art, cover art, Ellen Million Graphics, 2007
Singing Them Back, assorted illustrations, Eric Flint, Baen's Universe 2006
Saturday Afternoon Anthology, assorted illustrations, David Sheffield, 1989

Product Design:
Leave the past behind, ZOX, 2018
Keep Swimming, ZOX, 2018
Keep Going, ZOX, 2018
In Love, ZOX, 2018
Sentinel, ZOX, 2018
Fly Away, Zox, 2018
Harmony, Zox, 2018
Quaility Time, Zox, 2018

The Calm, Zox, 2017
The Storm, Zox, 2017
Wild at Heart, Zox, 2017


    Best in Show for "Out of the Ashes" at CONduit 25
    People's Choice for "The Omen" at CONduit 25
    Best in Show for "Vance's Dragon" at Westercon 67
    People's Choice for "Vance's dragon" at Westercon 67
    Judge's Choice for "Copper Tree" at Westercon 67
    Second Runner up to Best in Show for "Dreaming Tree" at Westercon 67
    Judge's Choice for "Kohaku" at Spocon 2014
    Best 2D for "Tentacles" at Loscon 35
    Best in Show for "Pink Angel" at Conduit 23
    Best Use of Color for "Ideas" at Conduit 20
    Second Runner Up for "Epiphany" at Conduit 19
    Best Use of Humor for "Hey There Sailor" at Conduit 18
    Runner Up to Best in Show for "Hummiphants" at Conduit 16
    Best Fiber Art for "Brown Plushie Dragon" at Conduit 15

Deviantart Daily Deviations

    Soul Touch, December 2003
    Apocalypse: War, April 2008
    A Rose by Any Other Name, March 2009
    Kohaku, July 2010
    Woops, December 2013