Thank you for considering me for your event! If you have any questions, please use the contact page to send them to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I book you for my event?

Contact me with the dates and location of your convention, and I will let you know if I am free during that time.

Do you require any special accomodations?

I come with a service dog named Tucker. He is a standard poodle, black, large. I'll need to file my disability paperwork with the company I am traveling on at least six weeks in advance, so please contact me before then! There are no special requirements for hotel rooms, aside from letting them know that I have a service animal.

I rarely travel alone, so be aware that I may have a companion travel with me. Usually it's a family member, sometimes it's a fellow artist.

What costs are covered?

I do ask that any convention booking me outside of the Salt Lake/Provo area provide hotel and airfare. If the convention is held within adjoining states (such as colorado, nevada, etc), I may choose to drive there in order to bring my larger pieces.

I do not charge speaking fees.

I do not mind food expenses being covered, but I only ask for it if I am asked to attend a convention hosted banquette.

What are you able to do at the event?

I can speak on panels involving art, the business of art, art techniques, mental illness, service dogs, and things along those lines.

I can also do demonstrations of art techniques, I just need to know in advance what I am doing in order to properly prepare for the demonstration.

I prefer to spend my convention time providing as much information and help to your attendees as possible, so feel free to book me for as many panels as you like. I just need a break for eating, and to take my dog out twice a day for bathroom breaks.

Do you require a dealer's booth?

It depends on the convention. Usually I prefer to just hang my artwork in the art show and have the convention sell my work through their show and print shop. However if your convention does not have an art show then I can sit a booth. I just prefer not to.