Once in a while I am extremely honored to receive awards for my work. I do not want those moments to be lost to the aether, so I am posting them here to always remember and appreciate the recognition.

Convention Awards

  • Best in Show for "Out of the Ashes" at CONduit 25
  • People's Choice for "The Omen" at CONduit 25
  • Best in Show for "Vance's Dragon" at Westercon 67
  • People's Choice for "Vance's dragon" at Westercon 67
  • Judge's Choice for "Copper Tree" at Westercon 67
  • Second Runner up to Best in Show for "Dreaming Tree" at Westercon 67
  • Judge's Choice for "Kohaku" at Spocon 2014
  • Best 2D for "Tentacles" at Loscon 35
  • Best in Show for "Pink Angel" at Conduit 23
  • Best Use of Color for "Ideas" at Conduit 20
  • Second Runner Up for "Epiphany" at Conduit 19
  • Best Use of Humor for "Hey There Sailor" at Conduit 18
  • Runner Up to Best in Show for "Hummiphants" at Conduit 16
  • Best Fiber Art for "Brown Plushie Dragon" at Conduit 15

Deviantart Daily Deviations

  • Soul Touch, December 2003
  • Apocalypse: War, April 2008
  • A Rose by Any Other Name, March 2009
  • Kohaku, July 2010
  • Woops, December 2013