I don't know about you, but I'm terrible at 'about' pages. There's so much information I could write here, and yet... so little. Everyone wants to know something different, so I've made things a little easier by filtering commonly asked questions over to the links on the left, with as detailed answers as I can manage!

As for who I am, well. My name is Jessica. I'm in my late thirties, and have been an artist my entire life. There was never any question that I would not do art, I was even published at 12 in a book called "Saturday Afternoon". Art is, was and always will be my fortune.

What art means to me and what my goals are as an artist has changed and grown over the years. When I was young, being an artist meant that you worked hard and you studied hard and eventually you became world famous in art galleries and you drank champagne all the time and wore black tie everywhere when not painting. I had a pretty glamorized view of an artist's life, to say the least. As I grew older, being an artist meant that you had to be published. Be published, meet famous art directors, hobnob with extraordinary illustrators and authors and someday be known for concept art in video games and on book covers. I lost interest in that pretty swiftly, if only because drawing concept art for games, doing illustrations for other's stories, never truly felt like it captured the soul of being me. And what is an artist, if not uniquely themselves?

So here we are, as I enter the middle years of my life, finally settling back to square one and doing art purely for the sake of doing art.

Every piece I do has meaning and depth to it now. Even if it is 'just a dragon'... well dragons were never really 'just' dragons, were they? The stuff of myths and legends, to strike fear in the hearts of men, to inspire, and guide.. to warn and to protect. I have found my home in the fantastical because it feels that there we are safe to express our deepest emotions. Being afraid is not a bad thing when you are staring at a terrifying monster. Falling in love does not feel so silly when the princess is rescued. Fantasy is safe to experience these emotions, so please feel free to let go for a little while, and truly feel while you're here in my corner of the world.